Digital Citizens Indaba – Day 1

Day 1 of the DCI has been great.

Some of the delegates attended the Highway Africa conference as well, which ran until the previous day, and the feeling towards that conference seems to have been ambivalence (at best). Lots of corporate speak, and not as much content as they’d have hoped. A classic rant about the horrors of corporate sponsorship, and (apparently) capitalism in general, came from Mark Somerford Comerford. Unfortunately I was giving a talk at the same time, so I only came in at the end.

Minor glitches included not having wifi access in the building the conference was being held in (the Fine Arts building, clearly they don’t feel the need to supply arts student with internet access). The downside was that delegates had to wait until a break to post anything – what happened to the legendary instant blogging. The upside was that people could listen to the talks, rather than catch up on emails.

Unfortunately I’m being chased out of the building which does have access, as they’re locking up, so this will have to be a short and sweet update!

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