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This page lists my writing for other publications, as well as media appearances – updated November 2017.



I am employed part-time by the MariaDB Foundation, and do the majority of edits on the MariaDB Knowledge Base and also write on mariadb.org


  • The book Mastering MySQL 4, which I slaved over from April to November 2002, was published 22 December 2002 by Sybex. You can find more details on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and the Sybex website. The book was also translated as La Biblia de MySQL, published by Anaya Multimedia, in October 2003, into Lithuanian as Vadovas MySQL, and into Mandarin as something I can’t pronounce. Details of the Spanish version are on Amazon and All Computer Books.

IOL Technology


Database Journal

Web Developer’s Virtual Library



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    I’m trying to get your email address from somewhere but not having much luck. Would you mind sending me an email? It’s for something that might interest you for your blog.

    Thank you.

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