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Digital Citizen Indaba

I’ve been invited to speak at the Digital Citizen Indaba, to be held on September 14 and 15 in Grahamstown. The conference topics sound quite exciting, and I was even more excited to see the draft speakers list today.

The speakers include:
– Ethan Zuckerman (Global Voices, USA)

– Alaa Abd El Fattah (Blogger & Activist, Egypt)
– Pieter Verweij (Senior Lecturer, University of Utrecht, Netherlands)
– Matthew Buckland (Publisher, Mail & Guardian Online)
– Ory Okolloh (Blogger & Activist)
– Ashraf Patel (ICT Programme Officer, OSISA)
– Zimbabwean Pundit (Political Blogger)

– Fackson Banda (SABMiller Chair of Media Democracy, Rhodes)
– Emeka Okafor (Blogger & Business Journalist)
– Ramon Thomas (Managing Director, NETucation)
– Mike Stopforth (Communications Strategist)
– Tom Johnson (Institute for Analytic Journalism, USA)
– Ray Hartley (Deputy-Editor, Sunday Times)
– Juanita Williams (News Editor, IOL)
– Chris Roper (Online Editor,

– Alec Hogg (CEO, Moneyweb)
– Andrew Rens (Intellectual Property Legal Expert)
– Vincent Maher (Director, New Media Lab, Rhodes)
– Andrew Heavens (Photojournalist & Blogger)

I’ll be speaking on the Web 2.0 panel along with Vincent Maher and Mike Stopforth. It’ll be fantastic to meet some of these people in the flesh at last.