Election soothsayer


In the interests of being utterly wrong publicly, I will look deep into my green tea leaves to make a prediction for tomorrow’s election. If you’re still not sure who to vote for, my unhelpful voting guide is sure to further confuse.

The prediction:

Party % Seats
African National Congress 60% 240
Democratic Alliance 23% 90
Economic Freedom Fighters 7% 27
National Freedom Party 3% 13
United Democratic Movement 2% 8
Inkatha Freedom Party 2% 7
Congress of the People 1% 5
Freedom Front Plus <1% 4
Agang <1% 2
African Christian Democratic Party <1% 2
United Christian Democratic Party <1% 1
Azanian People’s Organisation <1% 1
Total 100 400

The only drastic outlier here from the polls is that I predict the National Freedom Party, almost completely ignored by the media but with a strong grassroots campaign, will do better than expected, beating the IFP to the opposition in KZN. Meanwhile the PAC, Minority Front and African People’s Convention will all be swept from parliament, with 17 of the 29 parties contesting not winning a single seat.

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