Your chance to run McDonalds into the ground

I’ve come across a great little online game that I’ve been enjoying – the McDonalds video game.

I remember from my student days the Arts department printing a T-shirt implying that Arts graduates only prospect of employment was at McDonalds. I still take it as a point of pride that I’ve never eaten anything from McDonalds. But all that changed with the game

In this game you get to run McDonalds. It’s a not too subtle parody, and you get to add growth hormones and industrial waste, increase yields with GM soya, chop down the forest, bribe just about everyone, hire and fire employees, all while trying to avoid bad PR from mad cow disease , ‘radical environmentalists’ and the like.

It’s one of the best Flash games I’ve seen, and harder than I’d expected.

After many bankruptcies, I finally got to the year 2070 with about $420 000 in the bank, and with the money only going up, pastures recycling nicely and everything seemingly under control, I gave the game up as ‘clocked’.

So go on over and play – you know you want to.

3 Replies to “Your chance to run McDonalds into the ground”

  1. This is a real good game as it helps one to see how much MacDonald’s really take to make one not want to eat from them.

    I did enjoy the game and would probly play some more later


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