30 Artists in 30 Days #30 – Gabby Young

Gabby Young

(Slightly more than) 30 days have raced by and the final choice is nigh. I settled down for a long night of searching, determined to make discovery number thirty a special love affair. I had multiple tabs open with possible candidates, but never got past the first one.

It was ecstasy at first sight, and 30 Artists in (slightly more than) 30 Days is Gabby Young.

I was a little stuck on how to describe them (the full band is Gabby Young and Other Animals), but they helpfully describe themselves as “an eccentric eight piece British pop band, bringing together gypsy, folk, rock and jazz”. That scratches the surface of their variety.

Even better, I’ve been looking for an artist featuring an accordion. My parents met in an accordion band, and although their music, putting it mildly, was never my favourite, there is lots of reinvented accordion music I enjoy. So to find the accordion making an occasional appearance in some of Gabby’s videos was the vegan ice cream on top.

Currently Gabby has 40 patrons pledging $226.00 per song.

See Gabby Young’s Patreon page.

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