Who to vote for made easy

Thanks to Politics.za I have seen the light. Now I know who to vote for.

It’s easy to mock, but it’s quite sad that people can think (if that’s the right word) like this. One of the flaws of the way Christianity is usually practised is that it encourages uncritical acceptance. The first premise is that the Bible is right. Don’t question. Next the priest/minister is right, don’t question. And finally anyone who claims to be Christian must be right, or at least better than the alternative (one only had to look to the US to see the debacles that come from that).

What’s intriguing about this voters guide though is how tenuous are the connections between the biblical verse and so-called interpretation. So here’s my slightly different, and equally valid, take. Let’s look at two where they’ve got it hopelessy wrong:

Exodus 20:13; Exodus 21:22-24; Proverbs 6:17 & 31:8-9 “Rescue those being led away to death… those staggering toward slaughter.” Proverbs 24:11. Against abortion? Nonsense. Foetuses don’t stagger. Cows and sheep in the abbattoir do, so this is quite clearly against eating meat.

Proverbs 10:2-4; Matthew 25: 14-27 & 2 Thessalonians 3:10 “You shall not steal… You shall not covet your neighbours goods.” Exodus 20:15-17. Against socialism? Surely you jest. That’s quite clearly against capitalism, and possibly even all forms of private ownership 🙂

If they’re going to be hauling out decrepid verses from Leviticus, how about the commands to avoid unclean women having their period for seven days, or the command to stone to death people for giving their children to the worship of Moloch, or who consult spirits. What about the command that no one should sell property, as it belongs to the Lord (socialism anyone?).

Then there’re the direct contradictions. The command to turn the other cheek (no gun ownership there). And that’s a newer command, which clearly takes a higher precedence! If I were Christian I’d be wondering if the ACDP is a Satanic plot to lead the people astray!

That any vaguely intelligent person can believe, and even worse act upon, such nonsense…

If this sort of thing interests you, you may enjoy reading Chris Roper’s article on the Africa Muslim Party, and some of the responses.


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