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Scum of the day – Amazing Estates

Coming across an article about a bunch of so-called developers destroying one of the last stretches of pristine forest near Plettenberg Bay (Developers hack pristine Keurbooms vegetation) didn’t do much to improve my mood. So, instead of more pointless fulminating, I decided to to some investigating.

The Sanderlings estate in question is developed by Amazing Estates international, the same bunch of slimes responsible for going ahead with the Whale Rock development in Plettenberg Bay, also without doing an EIA (source). Similarly, they seem to have been guilty of claiming in applications and promotional material all sorts of social responsibility projects, when they appear to have done absolutely nothing. A classic attempt to bamboozle local planning authorities. Hopefully with the renewed focus on the destruction of the Garden Route, slimes like these will be exposed for what they are, permission will be turned down, and they will be forced to compensate with the only thing they value – money.

Anybody so inclined can let them know what they think – Amazing Estates are contactable via email, and the building company at

P O Box 1877, Plettenberg Bay, 6600
Tel: (044) 533 0189, Fax: (044) 533 5332

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