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Pick n Pay Go Banking it is

Well, the deed is done. Nedbank have me for the 3rd time, as I’ve decided to go with Pick n Pay Go Banking. There really was no choice – their rates are infinitely better than the competition. Cash withdrawals are free from Pick n Pay tills. There are no fees for most transactions. Charges are lower. Positive interest is higher. You even get 10% back if you buy certain products at Pick n Pay.

I wish there was an alternative offering something similar, but sadly there isn’t anymore. Farewell 20Twenty/Icanonline/People’s Bank/Permanent Building Society. I hope with my record I haven’t cursed Go Banking…

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hhaha, and here I thought I was the only one with a cursed history.

Let’s just hope that the two strong negation forces we apply to goBanking will cancel each other out and finally leave us both with a good bank … preferably one that lasts

(Do you use firefox? I noticed that goBanking’s pages are really broken in FF, especially the page regarding application for a secondary card holder)

I do use Firefox, but I’m assured that their actual banking portal works (apparently it’s the Nedbank portal), and that they’re working on fixing the Go Banking site 🙂

i hope to learn more about go banking and how i can benefit from it with minimum charges

And there we’ve all gone and done it!!!! We stuck with them from PeoplesBank… 20Twenty and IcanOnline….. and GoBanking.

Soon we will be bidding GoBanking farewell as we SEAMLESSLY integrate into the big picture of NEDBANK.

And why have we stayed with them?!?! Because through all of this there has not been any other bank that can provide the kind of service we enjoy with Nedbank through all its little offspring throughout the years.

I think that Go Banking is pethetic in their servise you tell them one thing and they do another thing. Go bankig ow me now R 1044 that they are souly responsible for.


I have been trying unsuccessfully, to open a Go Banking account online after being told to do so by the operator on their customer service line. What he should have done was to tell me to go to another bank where I would experience far fewer hassles and better service. I have yet to try and figure out how to open an account on their most user-unfriendly website.

I’ve been with GoBanking since its inception, I think, for I can’t remember when did I open the account. It was shortly after it was introduced. And I have always been happy. The only problem I had was when I could not get funds from a teller machine, and the solution was only a telephone call away, with Pick n Pay phone. Today, I can’t remember when did I pay the so called banking fees or charges, instead, I have been making an interest of no less than R500 per month. You don’t get that with Absa, FNB, STD, OF WHICH I HAVE BEEN WITH IN THE PAST, AND NEVER SHALL BE WITH IN THE FUTURE. My only concern is, my card expires this year July, and GoBanking has ceased operating, and now we are Nedbank customers. Am I still going to enjoy GoBanking benefits that I have been enjoying all the time? Will I still be issued with GoBanking card, or Nedbank card? After all Nedbank is no different to the once I’ve mentioned above (my opinion). I LOVE MY GOBANKING, PLEASE COME BACK. Just a better marketing (Marketing Manager/s) is all you needed.

I am having a problem of receiving the statement on monthly basis and am unable to pay on time as I get paid on the 15th. I request the bank to email me the statement before the 15th sothat I know how much to pay my installment. My account no:58984607468323228

I think that a R49.00 cash deposit fee for a cash deposit of R4810.00 is a blatant RIPP OFF. And constitutes “HIGHWAY ROBBERY”

I tried to deposit a cheque on my account at Basil’s Pick n Pay in Boston Bellville and they could not do it. Said their system was not programmed to do it??

Pick & Pay go card is exceptional.I have never had any major problems with them.The customer service is above average,their rates are cheaper.I just hope they don’t vanish.

I have been with PnP’s go banking since inception (initially operated by boland bank) and have been generally happy with their service and low charges. Now that they are part of nedbank charges are rising and services is slipping. Ever since receiving a replaced go-banking cheque card (after expiry of the previous one) if have not been able to draw cash at a PnP cashier because the new card has chip and pin security which is beyond a pnp till! They can process other banks chip n pin card but not their own! What do you say PicknPay?

I used online only banking for a long time…icanonline to begin with.
PnP Go banking is GREAT: what was always most impressive is the level of customer support by phone: someone helpful actually answered the phone without having to wait for ages (like most helplines) and sorted out the problem with incredible efficiency adn expertise.
NOW PnP has been taken over by Nedbank: the interest rates dropped a lot and the customer service is what one has come to expect from a a a bank – ie absolutely CRAP!
Nedbank have the attitude that when you have a problem all you really want is a chat…but ummm, sorry help is beyond their capabilities!
I had to use the call centre and after waiting ages to get a “real person”, discovered that they could not help me and suggested that I visit the bank: so much for internet banking.

Please bring us another ONLINE ONLY account that ins’t compromised by these fat inefficient corporates!

i am investigating capitec bank. their charges seems low and their interest rates better than most and it seems all can be done online. take a look
david aitchison

I agree with zcats and others. When it was PnP Go Banking (managed, I think, by Boland, which was part of BOE, which then got sucked into Nedbank) it was awesome. EFTs happened immediately, no charges, the call-centre staff were efficient, …. Once it was absorbed into Nedbank it all went to hell, and now it’s technically been “closed” (mutual decision by PnP and Nedbank, or something) – you can’t sign up for a new account but if you originally had one it remains available, but every month it morphs more and more into a normal Nedbank account.

I’m very disappointed by all of it – PnP most of all (Nedbank was no surprise – I originally left it for PnP Go Banking). So much for caring about its customers.

I closed my account with Go Banking in December 2005 and now they’re wanting to Garnishee my salary for R1431.25 which is made up of bank charges after I closed the account!!!!!!

Nedbank sucks !!!! I wish I knew what to do !

I have also been with gobanking since the old days. They will contact you and ask you where you want your new debit card left for you to collect sometime before your old card expires. If you have more than the stipulated amount you should not pay any charges as long as you use Pick’nPay’s in-store cashiers. nternet at this time is R15.00 monthly. It IS highway robbery that ALL BANKS have EXHORBITANTLY HIGH transaction charges when the money belongs to the client. This is another reason for calling RSA the dark side of the moon by being robbed in the dark where no-one can see this bank crime in operation. Nedbank may well have interfered with gobanking clients happiness but would love to get their hands on the gobanking money pool.

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