Muti – a South African reddit?

In response to my post about reddit and digg, and my wish for something similar focussing on local news, someone emailed me (unfortunately not leaving their name) with details of something they hacked together. I’m glad someone beat me to it, and I don’t have another itch to stratch. It’s called Muti. Check it out, and let me know what you think. I haven’t yet had more than a superficial look at it, but I’ll hopefully have something more to say after using it a while.

Here’s what they sent me:


After reading your comments about wanting to see South African content on the Reddit site and seeing as how many people were coming up with Reddit/Dig like clones I got inspired one weekend and did my own.

Its currently up in Beta (and may never be more than just an experiement) at
(This will hopefully get its own domain name soon)

It’s no where near as sophisticated as Reddit as I hacked it up in a few hours but I am very keen to develop it further if there is enough interest.

I am a south african myself although I have lived outside the country for the past 13 years (currently in California) but I have strong ties to the country.

Please let me know what you think!



  1. I’ve updated the link in the page, as this is one of my more popular posts, and I’d like to lead everyone to the right place!

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