The Tao of Neverness

A new reader of my blog recently asked me just what the hell all this metal, earth, water stuff was all about.

For those who haven’t read my first post, I agree, it can be confusing. And judging by the inconsistent way I’ve categorised some of my own posts, it can be confusing for me too. So I’ve added descriptive labels. Earth is a sundry category, mainly about arts and literature. Fire deals with social issues. Metal with technology, Water with the personal, and Wood for spiritual.

Why did I choose these obscure titles? They are the 5 elements of Chinese philosophy, and commonly used as a metaphor in all sorts of fields. So I thought I’d adapt them for my needs, and see how well they fit. If you had to pin me down, I’d probably describe myself as being Taoist (which tells you I don’t like being pinned down). Anyway, these categories work better for me than ones called Father, Son and Ghost, or 10 000 Hindu deities.