I’ve recently got a copy of Rawlicious, the raw recipe book from Peter and Beryn Daniel, of Superfoods fame. I did their Elements of Health course last year.

The recipe book (I have to stop myself calling it a cookbook each time) is superb. It’s visually stunning. It includes little snippets of nutritional information. It contains their personal stories. It’s printed locally, on to my knowledge the “greenest” local paper available. And the recipes?

I have a number of other recipe books I really enjoy. The pick are Heaven’s Banquet, Living in the Raw – Desserts and most importantly Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. However, I tend to page disconsolately through all these books, my larder seemingly hopelessly understocked, as I don’t have such vital ingredients as Turkish apricots, Black Mission Figs, arrowroot and orange zest.

Since I tend to order everything I eat online from the Ethical Co-op, and am not the kind of person to race around the city looking for particular ingredients, rather making do with what I have, that’s a problem. My attempts to replace the ingredients with something I think is similar have tended to end with a less than satisfactory experience.

Rawlicious is different. Most of the ingredients are easily available locally and are fairly simple to prepare. Simple, colourful, tasty, all adding up to a fantastic experience. Just like I’ve cleaned out my shelves of all the food I’m not going back to, it’s time for a cook book clearout, with Rawlicious taking pride of place.

It’s available from their site for R265.

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3 Replies to “Rawlicious”

  1. I had the pleasure of attending the Elements of Health course, in Joburg, at the start of this month.

    Now I’m looking for Ethical Co-op, Joburg branch. Also considering moving to Cape Town 🙂

  2. Good Morning

    I am looking for a Cape Town contact number; to ask if you have a skin care range?

    Many thanks

    PS I have your book!

  3. Pauline, I presume you’re looking for Peter and Beryn. You can access their website from the links in the post, and their should be a contact number for them there.

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