Donald Trump

I’ve just finished reading a biography about Donald Trump. My excuse for such a deed is that I’ve been watching The Apprentice, the reality TV show where a number of applicants get to compete against each other for the dubious privilege of working for Donald Trump.

The book, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump, is badly written, but was a quick pulpy read, and was worth the R10 I got it for from the stall in Muizenberg Village. Much of the book was gossip columnist stuff, but I perversely enjoyed having my cynicism about the American system further justified by reading about the corruption of the New York politicians, the vast amounts of ‘wealth’ loaned to someone because of his smooth talking and his wealthy, influential connections. But I also feel some sympathy for the man. His most valuable lesson from his father was “You are a killer, you are a king”. He never learnt that being rich is being able to give more. He valued his life in terms of the possessions he had, and seemingly felt the same about his family.

So, strangely, I have been inspired by the book. To do more with my wealth than he did. And to value the people in my life, and life itself, in all the ways I can.