Why blog

I’ve been thinking, as many new bloggers seem to, about why people blog, as I mentioned briefly yesterday. I haven’t got around to formulating my own views (perhaps I don’t have one), instead I’ve been reading some others. Most discussions aren’t very satisfying, but here’re a few that are:

  • Riba Rambles:`MORE Musings of a Mental Magpie
  • Jennifer’s weblog, which turns into a discussion on blogs versus wikis

    Another reason for me is to keep in shape. I used to write a lot, from late evening to sunrise, long manic ecstatic sessions exploring all sorts of aspects of myself. Since I have a child and an ‘ordinary’ job, that’s been difficult, though just how ordinary is a 3-day working week, and a 4-day weekend?. The 4-day weekend started about a month ago, so it’s time for new things, and reconnecting with old.