Mindfulness lessons from a five-year-old

Having a child is a great lesson in mindfulness, and living in the moment.

Dorje’s mind:
Brrummmm, here comes the aeroplane,
yeeeoooowwwww, crash, into the mountain.
Jump, the plane’s on fire!!!
Don’t worry, here comes the fire engine,
bee baw, bee baw…

My mind:
Brrummmm, here comes the aeroplan… damn, he’s putting his feet on the couch again, I’ve just washed it, it’s never going to get clean.
yeeeoooowwwww, crash, into the.. urgh, I’m tired, when’s his mom going to come and fetch him, what time is it, where’s my cellphone, I hope Dorje hasn’t taken it outside
Jump, the plane’s on fire!!! Hmm, that plant needs some water, I hope N doesn’t come visit again and have to water it because it’s dying, so much to do, I really must put some pictures on the wall too…
Don’t worry, here comes the fire engine. Hmm, I need to make supper. Dorje hasn’t eaten yet. What to make? Not more raw cacao fudge, I’m tired of that, and his mom wouldn’t appreciate getting Duracell Dorje back… Is he getting enough Vitamin B12. I must remember to look up that resource on B12 absorption…
bee baw, bee… what a mess, cars everywhere. It was so neat this morning. I wonder if there’ll be time for him to pack it all away before he goes, or whether it’ll be left to me. I’ve got a client coming tomorrow. Ah, so much work, it’s going to be a late night.

Is it any wonder he can play all day, and I’m exhausted within minutes?!

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