Blissful lucuma

In my experience, bliss arrives when we’ve let everything else go, and, unplanned, let it saunter in.

In Madagascar, arriving in a tiny village on the coast, far from where I’d planned to end up, alone, and with no expectations. And a new year’s party beyond any I could have imagined.

An instant on the dancefloor, all thought silent.

Eating a pizza after about three weeks of living on white bread and peanut butter, with the occasional banana as a treat, before deciding enough is enough, today we eat pizza!

A moment in meditation, any attempt to recapture futile.

Deep in code, mapping the paths outside of time.

Arriving at a festival after three days and two nights hitching, including one unpleasant night spent in a police station, sleepless, and collapsing on the field, just the bliss of lying on a field with nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Floating in a lake, lying on my back, looking up at the clouds.

What was today’s bliss?

Working in Philippi till about 8pm, I’d emptied everything on my “must do today” list for the first time in ages (mainly by shifting a whole lot to “high priority”), and came home. Deciding to dive into the next set of things to do, I made myself a smoothie.

Nothing unusual about that, I have at least one smoothie a day. I usually make it up with whatever is lying around. A dash of raw chocolate. Some nuts and seeds. Another dash of raw chocolate. Hmm, I wonder how the nutmeg will go in there? Ooh, and I better use that avo…

Sometimes it turns out wonderfully, and sometimes, in the words of a neighbour, “vile, absolutely vile”.

I’ve been experimenting with lucuma powder since I got some last week. This weekend I even went chocolate free and blissed out on lucuma powder smoothies. Lucuma tastes like caramel custard – absolutely divine.

Today, however, it turned out to be, much as I don’t like to use the phrase, the best smoothie ever.

How did I make it?

I wasn’t ready to take a break from the lucuma yet, but it was time for some raw cacao energy too. So, the ingredients were:

  • raw chocolate powder
  • raw chocolate nibs
  • lucuma powder
  • spirulina
  • flaxseed oil
  • coconut oil
  • golden linseeds
  • unhulled sesame seeds
  • brazil nuts
  • cinnamon
  • fennel seed
  • maca powder
  • goji berries
  • stevia
  • camu camu powder
  • frozen banana
  • ashwagandha

There you have it, the best smoothie ever. How much of each? Sadly you’ll have to figure it out on your own – if you get it, please let me know. Trying to recapture it is futile. It’s quite possible I’ll make a “vile, absolutely vile” smoothie with the exact ingredients above. While I’m more likely to make some great tasting smoothies with the list above, bliss, that unexpected shock, comes and goes like a butterfly, never to reappear in quite the same way.

Warning – if the smoothie is green, you’ve gone a little heavy on the spirulina. It won’t taste like the best smoothie ever.


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