Bearing Soul

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to Bearing Soul, billed as “An enviro-mental Exploration through Song, Music, Story and Heart”. This wasn’t the usual entertainment, a show at a theatre, a film. It was a friend, Dan Tree, doing just what he claimed. Flashing us a glimpse of his essence, his heart through music, song and words.

He was nervous at first, perhaps more nervous than a public appearance. A show can be just an act, a mask we put on to entertain, shock, educate. But Dan was trying something more – to share on a deeper level. As Dan said, “I wanna know all there is to know and how to share it with you”.

I don’t think he can know what he shared – beyond the supper, his friends, a glimpse inside, everyone’s unique responses remain unknown. Two associations of my own were Ginsberg at the Six Gallery reading, and another dear friend, now far away.

Perhaps Dan feels a slight anti-climax after the performance. Expectations can lead to disappointment. Maybe he was expecting more interaction, more feedback at the time. But after the honour of being allowed in, all I could do was nod, acknowledge, and for a minute say Yes to the world.

Thanks Dan.