Broken blog competitions

There are now two local blog competitions. There’s the SA Blog Awards, and now News24’s Great South African Blog-off. Unfortunately both are hardly stellar examples of technical competence. SA Blog Awards permalink, comments and trackback links all break, so it hardly qualifies as a blog itself. Subscribing to the blogs feed is not worth it,… Continue reading Broken blog competitions

Johnnic launches

I see that Johnnic is launching what could be described as a blogging site, It’s being given a different spin to the other local alternative, the Mail and Guardian’s Blogmark (recently rebranded from Blogspot). Instead of aiming to be a blog, with all the attendant low-quality noise associated with the term, it’s aiming at… Continue reading Johnnic launches

Templates on the Afrikaans Wikipedia, and a translating tool

I’ve been having fun today on the Afrikaans Wikipedia. Although my Afrikaans is bad enough so that everything is quite slow going, and I sit with a dictionary by my side, its quite fun working on something that’s still so incomplete. The English Wikipedia is huge now, over 600 000 articles, so the tiny Afrikaans… Continue reading Templates on the Afrikaans Wikipedia, and a translating tool

Wikimedia and the FLOSS conference in Pretoria

Unfortunately I missed the FLOSS conference in Pretoria, but there’ve already been two writeups about it that I’m aware of. A Tectonic article, Wiki-ing into Africa, and a Wikimedia conference report. The conference sounded great, particularly the discussions around distributing Wikipedia, legal terminology and Wiktionary (to assist the courts in dealing with translating the 11… Continue reading Wikimedia and the FLOSS conference in Pretoria