Broadband Boom in SA

I read some stats today that indicated Telkom have doubled their ADSL user base from 50 000 in Feb 2005, to 100 000 now, with a 20 000 waiting list.

With both Vodacom and Telkom offering ‘free’ computers and broadband access for an affordable monthly fee (I purposely avoid the term ‘reasonable’), it looks like the much-delayed broadbank boom is actually happening.

There can only be good times ahead for the online industry in South Africa.


  1. Handy hint for those seeking a legitimate reason to bitch to Telkom about delays in installation:
    If you are upgrading your normal phone line to ADSL, simply try and apply for the R7 deal in the period while you wait for installation. Telkom cannot – for some bizarre reason only Telkom knows – have two orders on the same phone line in the system at the same time, hence they cannot honour the R7 deal. I know it sound silly, but their booking system does not allow this I’m told. Complain, bitch and whine about this… I had them come out in about 2 days of whining. If they cannot honour and schedule your R7 deal I think you’ve got cause to complain…. after all it now really costs you because they cannot render a very basic activation.

  2. Ian, I’m now an avid reader of your blog. All thanks to Telkom broadband of course 😉

  3. Hooray, a fan. Perhaps I need a second hand on which to count my regular readers 🙂

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