From Asergo to Gandi in six days

I’ve been hosting my server with a Danish company, Asergo, since 2006. Back then they were called Easyspeedy. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, but things got much better over time, and in particular since they rebranded from Easyspeedy to Asergo in 2017, it’s been a fairly flawless experience. There were some customer service issues… Continue reading From Asergo to Gandi in six days

Weeeee’re back!

You may not have noticed, but my server crashed a while back (I did get one unprompted comment, so I’m not completely writing into a vacuum). Since it no longer runs anything business-related, and I had been looking for a cheaper server, I wasn’t in any rush to restore it. I had already got an… Continue reading Weeeee’re back!

Simple hosting?

All I want is a simple website! OK, I have a website, and you’re probably reading this on it. But I want a simple website. Since 2006, I’ve had a server hosted with Asergo (previously EasySpeedy). It ran a lot at one stage. Huge mounds of organic food found new homes through its circuits. Today… Continue reading Simple hosting?

A comparison of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram permissions on Android

Recently I’ve seen quite a few postings of the article The Insidiousness of Facebook Messenger’s Mobile App Terms of Service , claiming you should remove your Facebook Messenger because of the control the app has over your Android device. Many have suggested Telegram instead, which I’ve been using a while. “Using”, I should add, in… Continue reading A comparison of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram permissions on Android

Autumnal spring cleaning

This weekend I did some unseasonal spring cleaning. I closed down my chess website, my rugby website, the Wikipedia template translation tool, the free and open source feeds list, and some now rather dated software that I hosted. So, if you’ve been redirected here looking for any of those, sorry to disappoint you! It’s time… Continue reading Autumnal spring cleaning