Small things and Dangerous Drumsticks

Small things make all the difference.

I’ve just come back from Dangerous Drumstick, the 4th Geek Dinner, held at Summerville in Camps Bay. I was tired, since my routine of extremely late nights and late mornings is not always appreciated by the rest of the world (thanks Sean for waking me at 9am, what were you thinking!)

On the way home, I was driving past Camps Bay beach, it was full moon, and I realised how long it’s been since I walked along the beach at night.

I stopped off at Clifton, and went walking along the beach. The full moon shyly peering out from behind the mist, the beach broad in the low tide, some tai chi.

20 minutes of tai chi, and fresh sea air, and I was feeling completely invigorated. Stiff neck from all the hours hunched over this infernal device gone. No more fatigue.

Sometimes we don’t forget to appreciate where we live, and the small things that have such an impact on our lives.

The Geek Dinner was fun – a slightly smaller crowd than usual, perhaps due to the venue being a little further south than normal. Still, there were new people, from as far afield as Brackenfell and even Stellenbosch.

I gave an update on the Wikimania bid. Other talks included Ashley Shaw on channels of communication, Stefano Rivera on, and Johann Botha on all things wireless.

Neil, whose birthday it was, spoke on *Camp, (which we’re all going to help him organise), a great name, even if he did steal it. It’s in the model of camps in general, a participatory event, and *camp widens the scope to all things geeky. If I remember the dates correctly (the site should be appearing soon to check), it’s being held December 8 and 9, so cancel those December holiday plans now, and dive in to lend a hand.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a talk…

Looking forward to Evasive Eggplant (or whatever the next event is called), and Powerpoint Karaoke, courtesy of the London Geek Dinner.

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  1. I’m unable to find an email addy for you – and there is something I would like to ask in connection with the Wikimania Bid. Please could you send me an email.

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