Climate Change

According to research by, climate sensitivities due to increased greenhouse gases will vary between 2 and 11 degrees C, much greater than the range of 2-6 degrees C previously accepted.

There’re still so many vested-interest claims going around claiming that global warming is still a theory, not proven, no need to change our behaviour and use less oil. After the recent tsunami there was an article, the gist of which was look how strong nature is, what can us, poor man, do to something so powerful. Well, yes and no. Life will carry on, regardless of human intervention, but we’ve got quite a say in what sort of life that is, and if it includes us. By some standards nothing is known for sure, poor old Descartes couldn’t get beyond I think therefore I am. Well, the evidence is mounting that human impacts are going to have a dramatic effect on life on this planet. But why don’t you put your own PC to good use. I’ve always been interested in research that uses PC’s to do the slogwork, but working out the 10 millionth prime number didn’t seem that exciting. Now I’ve finally found something that puts this hunk of metal to better use.

You can download an application that will perform climate modelling calculations while you’re not busy on your PC.