July 2007 GeekDinner

Thursday’s GeekDinner was enjoyable, and as always, some of the best conversation happened outside of the official talks. It was also great to see quite a few new faces, and a growing (although this may just have been the subset I encountered) Ruby presence.

Some of the more regular event bloggers weren’t there (Neil and Marius for example), and, being disconnected at home these days, nad having had a manic few work days since, I’m very late with this post, so the blogosphere’s reaction to the event has seemed quieter than usual.

Planet GeekDinner will point you to better and more complete summaries, but here’s my belated input.

Most of the talks were enjoyable (and I enjoyed giving mine, about my experiences of writing a technical book), though I particularly enjoyed Aslam Khan’s talk. rbehave is going to linger a long time in geek lingo.

It would really help though if the speakers limit the length. The talks are supposed to be 5 minutes, but most of them drifted (well) overtime.

The event started late, and with the lengthy talks and the week-night, most people left quite soon after the talks were finished, with not as much socialising afterwards as usual.

I’d also like to encourage more people to speak, as almost everyone attending should be able to entertainingly fill a measly 5 minutes. After all, some can entertainingly hold the table’s attention for at least 10 minutes!

Thanks to all the organisers and sponsors – see you all at the next one. And for the few who don’t already know, there’s a Facebook GeekDinner group as well.

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  1. Pity I could not make it but heard from the informants (Tania) that it was great. Would liked to have heard all about your book writings .. always wondered how you did your day job and also wrote the book 🙂

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