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Dear Standard Bank staff

I enjoyed this piece a friend of mine submitted to Standard Bank…

Further to my earlier email, when your MasterCard SecureCode failed to
recognize my identity number, and I couldn’t make an online purchase,
because either your computers are a total mess or you’ve somehow got the
wrong ID number for me, you will be happy to hear that I managed to

purchase with my GoBanking card. Let me recommend GoBanking to you –
whoever you are working at the call-centre. They offer better interest
than Standard Bank, and are actually able to process online credit card
transactions. I’m sure you hear complaints about Standard Bank daily, so
you are probably inured to them now and just ignore them, but seriously,
you should at least consider moving your own accounts. Better interest
on a Go Banking card than even on a Standard Bank 30 day notice account
(interest is where the bank actually PAYS YOU to keep your money,
believe it or not), free transactions (yes, free!) if you have over… I

think it’s about R5,000, but check the website, and you can get cash
(free again, well free of transaction costs at least, the cash isn’t
free, alas) at any Pick ‘n Pay.

The only problem is that it’s usually really difficult to open a Go
Banking account – for some reason they always mess up, and you really
have to try hard – not just my experience, but that of a number of my
friends as well. I suppose it’s because Nedbank is the ‘bank’ behind
GoBanking, and you can imagine how they must feel about customers

getting ‘something like’ a reasonable bank – no, that’s probably too
kind, but anyway GoBanking makes a Nedbank (or Standard Bank, of course)
account look stupid.

So yes, give it some thought – consider moving.

All the very best,

PS: This endorsement of GoBanking DOES NOT come from some tele-marketer,

or some weird advertising agency, or anything of the sort. It comes from
a VERY dissatisfied Standard Bank customer, who realises that GoBanking
does a much better job. How’s that? Customers so happy they evangelise
for your competition… That should make you really worried, especially
when you realise that this customer has bcc’d a list of their colleagues
and friends (sorry friends, but ranting is therapeutic!)

I sympathise, as I have a similar problem using my Nedbank credit card – they’ve recorded the wrong cellphone number for me, so I can’t transact online using Securecode. Naturally to fix I have to go into the bank – great for a spontaneous online purchase.

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5 replies on “Dear Standard Bank staff”

Hi Ian,

Wow – we loved this contribution.

In fact, we’re hoping you could help us locate Craig – we want to personally thank him for compiling his letter to our ‘friends’ at Standard Bank.

We adore all clients that evangelise our product, but Craig is a smart man and has his facts straight, so we really appreciate the value of the letter.

Yes – Go Banking is one of those best kept secrets: Rates are highly competitive, most transaction fees are free whilst you have a balance of R5,000 or more in your account, you get Money Back discounts and interest rates are highly attractive to investors.

We’re always pushing the boundaries within our constraints and appreciate the constructive criticism – helps us pin point areas that need a bit of focus so we can deliver easy and rewarding banking.

Kind regards,

Taryn Naledi Hood

Senior Marketing Manager
Go Banking

P.S : recently won the SA Web Awards – check it out, you will be surprised that it is a banking site.

Good info, will look into GB.

Inspired,motivated,involved definitely not for Std Bnk customers. They have become so profit orientated that they sell 30odd% to the Chinese,without consulting their support base.

I for one won’t deal with people who eat dogs, or anything else that moves!!

Go Banking certainly seems like a serious option to consider. But Keith, if you’re going to generalise that much about the morality of the Chinese you’re not going to find a nation on this planet to deal with.

Damn… I just had this problem too. Tried to buy from SpringLeap, and discovered MasterCard SecureCode registration… and it FAILed. What on earth were they expecting me to enter other than my ID number?

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