March Geek Dinner

A lot has already been written about the Cape Town March 2007 Geek Dinner held on Wednesday, so I’m not going to add that much.

You can read most of the comments on Planet Geekdinner.

My favourite talk was Neil’s on OpenID. Sadly none of the major South Africa sites yet implement it, but let’s hope we can initiate some bottom-up action. If I can get off my bottom, perhaps I’ll implement it for the Ethical Co-op.

Some of the talks, just like at the February 27 dinner, were still too long (especially David Jarvis’ otherwise interesting one on WAPA). Perhaps facilitators in future can be a bit more militant in controlling the length.

But a great event overall, and thanks in particular to Joe for organising. I look forward to the next 27 dinner, and the next geek dinner 🙂

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