I practice tai chi in a class twice a week. Yesterday, my teacher told me I was resisting too much. No resistance is a key principle of tai chi. Physically, as soon as you resist, there’s an area for your opponent to grasp, push against and exert force. The idea is not to resist, but… Continue reading Resistance

New Year in Woodstock

Well, I missed the People’s Republic of Windsor Road party, but Anique and I were both tired, and attending parties these days with Dorje is not that much fun – most of the time is spent running after him making sure he takes cigarette butts out of his mouth, and then leaving early when it… Continue reading New Year in Woodstock

The Tao of Neverness

A new reader of my blog recently asked me just what the hell all this metal, earth, water stuff was all about. For those who haven’t read my first post, I agree, it can be confusing. And judging by the inconsistent way I’ve categorised some of my own posts, it can be confusing for me… Continue reading The Tao of Neverness

Donald Trump

I’ve just finished reading a biography about Donald Trump. My excuse for such a deed is that I’ve been watching The Apprentice, the reality TV show where a number of applicants get to compete against each other for the dubious privilege of working for Donald Trump. The book, Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald… Continue reading Donald Trump

Guinness, Shiatsu and the CES

I belong to the Cape Town Community Exchange System, a local currency (or LETS). The system has been fascinating for me, as its caused to me to think about how our economic system works (or not). For someone who’s never had any formal economic training, the system allows me to examine the implications of various… Continue reading Guinness, Shiatsu and the CES

Same-sex marriage

Interesting news that the Supreme Court of Appeals has approved same-sex marriages. I say interesting because although I support the ruling, it raises interesting questions for me personally. I am unmarried, although I have a child, and am in a stable relationship – at least as much as I believe is possible 🙂 For me,… Continue reading Same-sex marriage

Touching the Void

Just come back from watching Touching the Void (also available as a book. It’s a superb film, leaving me exhilirated to be alive. The trailer hadn’t appealed to me, but a friend had told me the whole story in great detail over lunch. She recommended I see it anyhow, and I’m very glad I did.… Continue reading Touching the Void