A bit (gasp) of running

I came home today after fetching Dorje from school to find my driveway gate forced open, and a guy inside the yard, going through my outside cupboard.

His attempts to claim he was looking for work in my cupboard didn’t last long in the face of berserker Ian, and he made a dash for it.

I chased him over Station Road, and into Ossian Road, where he dropped his bag with my paint and filler that he was obviously planning to use on my wall. I picked it up and carried on chasing him, as he turned into the narrow Bellstart Lane. A woman in her car saw what was happening and kept up with him while I huffed and puffed after.

He turned into Bristol Road and hopped into a garden to hide, but he’d been spotted, and there we apprehended him.

A few others had gathered, and while they kept an eye on him, I raced back to fetch Dorje, who I’d left in the car at my house, grabbed my sword in case the berserker returned and went back. Luckily he didn’t resist after being caught, so no need for the berserker to re-emerge, and besides, after all the running I was exhausted.

ObsID arrived about three minutes later, and the police after a further 15 minutes.

I enjoy living in Observatory, people are friendly and helpful, and today was no exception. A man stopped to see if Dorje was OK while I was away chasing. The women in the car who followed him while I was lagging. The man who helped me apprehend him. Everyone who kept an eye on him while I went back to get Dorje.

My past experience with the police hasn’t always been great, but today they answered the 10111 call quickly, were efficient and professional in their help, and sent me the case number a few hours later.

With all the adrenaline, I didn’t get anyone’s names, but thanks to everyone who helped on the day.

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  1. Now lets see if anything comes of this or if the SAPS will lose the paperwork or not find enough evidence or whatever it is they don;t do properly.

    Well done for catching a crook

  2. Nice work, Ian. Glad everything went well and nothing was taken/damaged (except maybe the gate). Now… I’d like to see this sword next time I’m around. 🙂

  3. David, don’t tell anyone, but the sword is blunt as anything and has been beaten to pieces by Dorje, but it’s quite effective when drawn by a raging berserker. I’ll try keep it intact so that there’s something to show you next time you visit.

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