Afrikaans Wikipedia meetup

The iCommons offices today played host to an Afrikaans Wikipedia meetup, as part of Wikipedia Week. Attending were international guests Jimmy Wales, Ndesanjo Macha and Frank Schulenburg, as well as a number of Afrikaans Wikipedians and Afrikaans press.

Laurens, one of the prime contributers to the Afrikaans Wikipedia, gave a short presentation, followed by an informal discussion.

It was useful to have Ndesanjo, from the Swahili Wikipedia (which is a similar size to Afrikaans), and Frank, from the German Wikipedia, as well as local Wikipedians present, as there were interesting overlaps and exchanges of ideas between the different language communities.

Hopefully we’ll see a flurry of media attention on the Afrikaans Wikipedia, now that the Afrikaans press is starting to get involved.

Setting up a local Wikimedia Foundation chapter was also discussed, and with the momentum built from the Wikimania bid and the interest around Wikipedia week this is looking increasingly likely.

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