Afrikaans Wikipedia hits 4000 articles

The Afrikaans wikipedia hit 4000 articles today. Geluk mense :). It hit a high of 3951 in November 2004 (it may have gone slightly higher during the month), but dropped quickly after that to 3524 in February, thanks in particular to some cleaning up of empty date articles. However, the project has been gaining momentum again, with a rapid increase the last two months. And this time they actually contain some content. At the time of writing, the most recent new articles were: Italië, Johann Sebastian Bach and Nikolaus Loubscher.

A has also recently appeared on the scene, hosted by a website design company, and not at all connected with the main project. It has links to local articles and international articles about Wikipedia, and to the main Wikipedia itself.

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  1. Ek is op soek na afrikaanse artikels vir my koerant. Ek wil graag artikels publiseer wat nie deur ander mediums gepubliseer is nie. Alle artikels welkom (christelik, grappies, onderwerpe, ens. Alles behalwe politiek, regering en moord en dood)

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