MySQL certification

A number of my staff are doing the MySQL certification. When I came up with the idea, I planned to do some training, but working 3 days a week doesn’t leave me much time to do anything besides sit in meetings anymore, so that hasn’t happened. But, I’m sure they’ll all do well in the Core exam. 2 wrote today and I know that at least Aubrey has passed – well done! I plan to do the test too, mainly because I’ve had quite a few offers to do training since writing my book, Mastering MySQL 4. Many students will want to certify, and I figure I should know what they’re up against.

A good warmup for the MySQL certification is the Brainbench MySQL test. It’s for MySQL 3, but many of the basics are the same. I’d imagine it’s tougher than the Core exam (as it covers administration topics as well), but perhaps easier than the Professional.