Migration to WordPress

I’ve moved my blog software from b2evolution to WordPress.

Now if for some malign reason this post got Slashdotted/Dug (and please let me install the caching plugins before being so cruel, oh yes, and the Google ads!), let’s circumvent the inevitable comment storm.

Hoorah, good for you, WordPress is much better because blah blah!

What? WordPress sucks! How could you do it – traitor! b2evo is much better! It has blah blah

What?! They both suck, Drupal/Frog/Serendipity/blah blah is far superior!

LOL??? You use PHP? Are you crazy?! Use Ruby/Python/blah blah

WTF?!?! You’re running on Debian? It’s a pile of crock. apt-get sucks. You should use Ubuntu/SUSE/Red Hat/Gentoo/blah blah

Linux?? Don’t get me started! Will you noobs never learn. BSD is far better

You open source fanboys don’t know what you’re doing. IIS running on Windows delivers infinitely better performance, and is more secure!

Pah! I’ve been running my blog on CP/M and COBOL with text files since 1974 – none of these new-fangled things are real blogs. Databases suck. Anything written after 1980 isn’t real code!

ROTFL. You don’t have a real blog! I use carrier pigeons – they’re faster and more reliable!

Hoorah, good for you, WordPress is much better because blah blah!

And so on and so on until the post fades into obscurity 5 or 6 hours later…

I moved for 2 main reasons:

1) I run about 5 blogs. All except this one were already on WordPress. I wanted to standardise to make my life easier.

2) Vanity! I can’t upgrade my ancient version of b2evo to the latest because the skin I used wasn’t available on the new version, and I didn’t like any of the available skins. And no, I’m not going to write my own.

3) WordPress has a far bigger community. Although b2evo has more features out of the box, all the useful little WordPress plugins have lured me over. I’ll stop before I start sounding like the first comment above.

In theory, everything should continue working gracefully, except for a few minor skin tweaks. All my old links should still work, as should old RSS feeds. Drop me a line if you spot anything broken.

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  1. Great to hear that you took the plunge and upgraded. I’ve been quite tempted to upgrade from Movable Type over to WordPress.

    Did you have any issues importing your old blogposts?

  2. No, it was easy. In fact the way I did it was by converting my b2evolution data to movable type format, which wordpress imports easily, as described here. Most of the loose ends were easy to tie up, as b2evo and wordpress forked from the same software original, and still share a lot of similarities.

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