Wikimedia and the Cape Town Book Fair.

I’ll be at the Cape Town Book Fair helping at the Lettera27 stall. One of their projects is WikiAfrica, hence my involvement.

Lettrea27’s principal aims are:

  • to create awareness of the WikiAfrica Literature (WAL)
  • to generate new virtual pages in WikiAfrica/Wikipedia.
  • to involve authors, publishers and new readers/users in the WikiAfrica Literature project.
  • to involve users and admin of Wikipedia to translate or create new articles in en, fr, it, and in the African languages, at this occasion in CTBF, in the Southern African languages.

Lettera27 will be inviting publishers and authors to create or update their Wikipedia pages in real time at their stand, and hopefully not just in English. I’ll be there helping people edit, and probably teaching people about NPOV as well.

I’ll also be giving a 10-minute presentation at the end of the panel discussion on Media Literacy: New ways to spread knowledge, about the African Wikimedia projects.

We’re looking for more volunteers to help show people how to edit Wikipedia at the stall – let me know if you’re interested.

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  1. Would love to join your poetry reading sessions at Touch of Madness. Where when how? Please let me know. Thank you.

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