500th Wikipedia edit

I’ve made my 500th edit to Wikipedia (at least to the English version. I’ve also contributed a few to the Afrikaans version, albeit armed with dictionary – one of the instructions is be bold after all). Rather unexcitingly, it was a vote for deletion of an article I’d prepared for moving from Wikipedia to Wiktionary.… Continue reading 500th Wikipedia edit

Enemy at the Gates

Just finished reading Enemy at the Gates, by William Craig. It’s about the World War II battle for Stalingrad (also made into a recent film, loosely-related, film). I seem to be enjoying grim histories at the moment, having recently finished the equally grim The Earth Shall Weep, about Native American history. The battle was one… Continue reading Enemy at the Gates

Native American History, its overlaps with South Africa, and the villainous Ronald Reagan

I’ve just finished reading a book on Native American history, The Earth Shall Weep by James Wilson. The US government is not in my good books right now, and books like this don’t help! As one Amazon reviewer points out, the book does focus more on the settlers crimes, the massacres, the betrayals, rather than… Continue reading Native American History, its overlaps with South Africa, and the villainous Ronald Reagan

M&G blogs, $1 DVD’s and pushing hands

I’ve been following the Mail and Guardian’s entry into blogdom quite closely, and so far been quite disappointed. The functionality seems limited, anonymous readers can’t post, and, most importantly, there aren’t many contributions. One of the few contributors I enjoy (and one of the few active contributors) is Ian Fraser. A friend of mine is… Continue reading M&G blogs, $1 DVD’s and pushing hands


Found a great quote on Cath’s M&G blog. “Psychosclerosis: the hardening of the attitude which causes a person to cease dreaming, seeing, thinking, and leading.” Ashley Montague In my case it’s caused by interminable meetings about trivialities. Now that I’m working 3-day weeks (Tue-Thu), I find I can see by Saturday and think by Monday.… Continue reading Untitled

Visited Countries

Thanks to a link I discovered at Forest Blog, I’ve created a Visited Countries image. I’ve visited all of 4% of the world’s countries. And that includes a bus drive through France on my way from Holland to the UK. At least I excluded Brazil – Sao Paulo airport is not something I want to… Continue reading Visited Countries

Creative Commons Licence

I’ve decided to use a Creative Commons licence for my blog. Coincidentally, Tectonic has just published an article comparing the GNU GPL and the creative commons licenses. So as not to repeat everyone else, read the Creative Commons website on why to use a creative commons licence.