Leaving the Ethical Co-op

Way back in April, a lifetime ago that seems like yesterday, I stepped down from the Ethical Co-op, which I’d been involved with from the very beginning in 2005. There were about 10 founders, mostly drawn from two communities. Permacore, the Permaculture Foundation of South Africa, which is no longer running, and the Community Exchange… Continue reading Leaving the Ethical Co-op

“As I went out one morning”, better known as “OOH AH”

Many years ago, it wouldn’t have been uncommon to find me screeching in my bedroom. If you could stand the racket, you may have made out some of the words. “Ayee yeaaah ah, OOH AH”. It’s not really surprising that, given what I remembered, even in the age of Google, I couldn’t track down the… Continue reading “As I went out one morning”, better known as “OOH AH”

In memory of my father

It was my father’s memorial yesterday afternoon, and, like my mother’s memorial nine months ago, it was a good day, meeting and seeing again some of his old friends. Here’s a written adaptation based on what I said. The memorial was held at my cousin John and Lindsay’s house. My early family Christmases were at… Continue reading In memory of my father

Projection on projection

I’m doing a five-year insight meditation course, and the most recent topic for our meditation was projection. Projection is, essentially, the act of attributing the traits that we deny in ourselves onto others. These can be negative, such as thinking someone else is aggressive, unfriendly, disorganised, or positive, such as thinking that someone else is… Continue reading Projection on projection