Cape Town burning

Driving home a short while ago, I saw embers all along Ou Kaapse Weg, and towards Tokai. It’s only 5 years since the huge fires of Jan 2000. It may look like the fynbos has recovered remarkably, and I’m sure after the winter rains everything will be green again, but some of the plants, in… Continue reading Cape Town burning redirecting to

Looks like Google are now redirecting South African’s who try to get to to First impressions are a little laughable – you can now use Google in Afrikaans, isiZulu, Sesotho and of course Xhousea. For those international readers who don’t know, Xhousea is one of the most widespread South African languages, equivalent to… Continue reading redirecting to

Error Error

My silence has been deafening regarding Jacque’s post, so it’s time I give some sort of response! He has a nice screenshot of an IOL error page captured for all eternity. Damn, and we hoped no-one ever noticed… I’ve never seen that specific one before, and no-one here reported an error like that, but it… Continue reading Error Error

New Year in Woodstock

Well, I missed the People’s Republic of Windsor Road party, but Anique and I were both tired, and attending parties these days with Dorje is not that much fun – most of the time is spent running after him making sure he takes cigarette butts out of his mouth, and then leaving early when it… Continue reading New Year in Woodstock

The Tao of Neverness

A new reader of my blog recently asked me just what the hell all this metal, earth, water stuff was all about. For those who haven’t read my first post, I agree, it can be confusing. And judging by the inconsistent way I’ve categorised some of my own posts, it can be confusing for me… Continue reading The Tao of Neverness

6 myths of creativity

Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile, head of the Entrepreneurial Management Unit, has done a 12-year study on creativity, and came up with some interesting conclusions. You can read more about the methodology in this article from Fastcompany, but, in brief, the study came up with six main myths: 1. Creativity Comes From Creative Types… Continue reading 6 myths of creativity

MySQL Administrator

I finally took a look at MySQL Administrator earlier this month. It proved a good excuse for an article, and you can read it here.