Paypal in South Africa

I missed the earlier announcements, if there were any, but I’m glad to hear that Paypal is finally available (partially) for South Africans. We can now open accounts and make payments via Paypal, but not accept payments.

One friend has already been buying up a storm on eBay.


  1. Hi,
    Can any one help?
    I have opened up an account with Paypal and uploaded my credit card onto the system via the 4 digit code that gets sent via your CC account but am still unable to operate i.e buy or pay for a service – reason PP indicates there is no credit limit or sometyhing like that – can anyone suggest why?

    Cheers – Ferdy

  2. I have been doing some data capturing online, I now need to request payment. The only way that the company will pay me is via paypal or a cheque. I don’t trust either method, paypal would just be faster. How do I apply for a paypal debit card, it feels like I am chasing my tail as I need to sign into paypal first before I can apply for a card. When I do that it tells me my zip code and State is incorrect . Please help

  3. Hey, I bin hearing that PayPal is coming back and will be here for the World Cup. Anybody else here anything ??
    Or do we think this is all just wishful thinking ??

  4. Hey,

    I made a payment over paypal and the guy was out of stock. So he refunded me. Paypal shows the money was refunded. But now it doesnt show in my credit card account, please HELP! this was alot of money for me!!

  5. Brian, Paypal don’t pay into South African bank accounts – see above. I believe this includes refunds, though you should double check with Paypal.

    Perhaps your best chance is to contact your bank and see if the transaction can be reversed.

  6. Is this the greenman… the creator of Russ van der Burg and others. If so, it would be nice to hear from you man… if not, I am sorry to bother you… In any case Zindell is my favourite author… Big up for the Neverness tribute.

  7. heya – I am setting up a website for my client – What is the best alternative to paypal in SA? Most of my clients payments with be in Rands, but she wants an option to receive money from all over the world. Is Payfast even recognised as a gateway in the US for example? and AlertPay? Do I recommend to her that she opens a US bank account and has both options? I appreciate your advice.

  8. We encountered a similar problem – and are trying to find a solution. To open an account in the US, you have to have a social security number – so not an option for non-residents. We had a look at Google Checkout, as well as Monsterpay, which is the one we decided to use – but I can’t give any feedback as we’ve only just joined and are waiting to see if it works. Payfast is only SA based. Hope this helps!

  9. Payfast accepts Visa and Mastercard so you can get customers from anyone who has these cards.

    They’ve also just added a payment module for WordPress’ e-Commerce module. They look like a company that’s going places 🙂

  10. Paypal will pay all refunds back into your card. When verifying Paypal they deduct a small amount from your card. They later refund it back to the card. This means Paypal is able to send money to your card without any restriction

  11. I had the same problem – not being able to access my funds once its been paid into my paypal account (and not my bank account). But apparently FNB now started a partnership with paypal & paypal can pay your cash into your FNB account at a 1.5% commission fee.
    Im not sure if this is true – I am yet to find out, but I’ve read it now in several articles.

  12. Hi Guys. I am new to Paypal etc. Is it safe to use paypal and does anyone else see you account details. I have head of cases where money is withdrawn from account without consent just by using the account details.Let me know Thanks Sheldon

  13. Hi Everyone and Ferdy,
    I had a paypal account which I used to sell and buy on ebay and had all the money removed fraudulently and paypal were not interested in helping me to recover the funds.

  14. I need a paypaL acct but I am a live in nigeria and we are limited in its usage, plz someone help, How do I go about it?

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