Spambank at it again

I always use a unique email address when I subscribe to anything, so that I can trash it if it gets used for spam, and a number of others who own their own domains do this to.

Normally it’s the dodgy forums that use the mail for spam, but I was a little surprised when the email address I exclusively use for Spambank, aka. Nedbank’s Go Banking, started receiving spam as well.

A colleague suffered from the same problem, which began on July 11th, and had the misfortune to make a call to the call centre. She is still on the phone, and has been for a lot longer than it’s taking me to write this post.

Explaining the concept of spam to the first three lines of defence proved challenging, and four or five people later she still hasn’t found anyone who can understand the problem, much less solve it.

Either Nedbank have sold (or given) the mail out to someone they shouldn’t have, or some internal staff member’s PC was compromised.

Neither should be acceptable to a bank, and I’d expect them to treat it a little more seriously than they seem to be.

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