redirecting to

Looks like Google are now redirecting South African’s who try to get to to First impressions are a little laughable – you can now use Google in Afrikaans, isiZulu, Sesotho and of course Xhousea. For those international readers who don’t know, Xhousea is one of the most widespread South African languages, equivalent to… Continue reading redirecting to

Error Error

My silence has been deafening regarding Jacque’s post, so it’s time I give some sort of response! He has a nice screenshot of an IOL error page captured for all eternity. Damn, and we hoped no-one ever noticed… I’ve never seen that specific one before, and no-one here reported an error like that, but it… Continue reading Error Error

MySQL Administrator

I finally took a look at MySQL Administrator earlier this month. It proved a good excuse for an article, and you can read it here.

First spam

Hooray, my first comment spam. I use b2evolution as an engine, and it comes with a handy antispam feature, maintained by the community, but it was only a matter of time before one slipped through. I’ve decided to keep the comment as a memento to this auspicious day; you can read it here.

Linux wins out over FreeBSD for our MySQL servers

Sadly not because of any extensive benchmarking. There are two main reasons we’ve made the decision to go with Gentoo Linux. our sysadmin couldn’t get FreeBSD installed on the 6GB dual Xeon servers. Apparently not all the drivers for the hardware are available yet. with our main database server in torrid shape, we need to… Continue reading Linux wins out over FreeBSD for our MySQL servers

Google Ads and Search

I’ve added Google ads and the Google search bar to my site, more out of interest than in expectation of a vast revenue stream. The process was remarkably easy – it’s good to have a pleasant surprise technology-wise for a change. The search bar doesn’t yet search the greenman domain properly, as Google still have… Continue reading Google Ads and Search