Taming the tiger

This week, I had another opportunity to reflect on my mind’s reactivity, another repeat lesson. It was a day that began sleepless, thanks to the neighbour’s alarm being activated continually. With them away, their alarm had been going on and off all night long. There was a mess at work requiring tedious amounts of fixing.… Continue reading Taming the tiger


Ahimsa is the practice of doing no harm to living beings, even in ones thoughts. As these things go, it’s been defined and analysed in different ways, and various systems have slightly different interpretations, but to me, it’s a way of life, the right way to live one’s life. It’s a principle rather than a… Continue reading Ahimsa

Lucid dreaming

This weekend I attended a lucid dreaming workshop at the Tibetan Centre, presented by Charlie Morley. Charlie is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable (in spite of claims to the contrary) and full of enthusiasm. I became interested in lucid dreaming again not after watching Inception, but after discussing nightmares with my son, now 6. I told… Continue reading Lucid dreaming

Blissful lucuma

In my experience, bliss arrives when we’ve let everything else go, and, unplanned, let it saunter in. In Madagascar, arriving in a tiny village on the coast, far from where I’d planned to end up, alone, and with no expectations. And a new year’s party beyond any I could have imagined. An instant on the… Continue reading Blissful lucuma

Food Security Workshop

This week I attended a 2-day workshop on Food Security at UCT’s Graduate School of Business, convened by Milla McLachlan and Ralph Hamman of the Food Security Change Lab, and facilitated by Reos. This was a continuation of a process, which included a number of workshops and Learning Journeys around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Limpopo,… Continue reading Food Security Workshop

Cruel to be kind?

A Facebook friend shared an animation from RSA Comment entitled First as Tragedy, Then as Farce. Go watch it first. By Slavoj Zizek, the renowned critical theorist, the critique was interesting and largely accurate. How we buy a Starbucks coffee as redemption in the consumerist act, for example. However, I was struck by a comment… Continue reading Cruel to be kind?

Learning Toki Pona

I’m learning Toki Pona. Most people seem to think Toki Pona is a massage technique, some sort of tantric practise, or a musical instrument. It must be the Polynesian-sounding name, but it’s more exciting than that! Toki Pona is a constructed language, similar to its more famous relatives such as Esperanto and Interlingua. Anyone who… Continue reading Learning Toki Pona