IOL Vacancies – sysadmin and developer

An exciting day today with two resignations in the technical department.

Blogging helped Russel Beattie get a job at Yahoo (at least according to this post by Jeremy Zawodny, where he claims the appointment as further proof that blogging can help smart people get jobs). Jeremy also regularly advertises Yahoo vacancies on his blog, so let’s see if that works for me with the slightly tinier market in South Africa. Perhaps there’s one (or two) of the vaste hordes of my readers interested in working for IOL. I’ll be interested to see which source attracts the winning candidate – I’ve placed ads on Tectonic, on the CLUG mailing list, on IOL, and also got a recruitment agency looking, who’ll place ads on Career Junction etc.

We’re looking for a high end systems administrator, and a junior PHP developer – full details are on the IOL site. There’s lots to do, and its one of the more challenging environments in this country to work in. With the hardware budget being rather tiny, we need to make those machines do the impossible, so the new person would be guaranteed to learn a lot.