Go_Open begins

I was impressed with the first episode of Go_Open. The presenter, John Vlismas if I remember the name, is, ‘funny’ according to the 18 year old sister of my partner. A relief after I feared a boring voice droning on to an already converted audience. Of course, competing with the rugby and Survivor didn’t help, nor did the TV guides claiming Ready Steady Cook for the 17h30 slot – some surprised viewers I’m sure. Not too sure how many masochistic rugby fans like me bothered to tape the program (or perhaps there was a sudden rush of frustrated rugby fans after England’s second try, just in time to see Quake on Linux). Only disappointing thing is I apparently have a one in a thousand chance of winning the 17-inch monitor. I was hoping for better odds.

Overall, quite impressed with the first episode, and I’ll watch again. Well done Roy Blumenthal, Bradley Whittington and other’s involved.

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  1. Hey Ian…

    Thanks dude. It’s been very cool directing the show. Brad’s our uber-geek researcher, and he’s responsible for many of the hot stories we’ve uncovered about open source.

    There’s some unbelievable stuff.

    Have a lekker time. And do keep watching!

    Blue skies

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