Too old, too young

It’s been interesting to observe since turning 40 the power of the words “too old” in my mind. Too old, too young, age is just a concept, but still has such power in our society. It’s one thing to be consciously aware of it, but another to be aware, and to be able to change, the unconscious effects.

Which is why I love to see videos such as these, of people of extreme ages doing wonderful things.

Let’s start with the old – 92 year old (she’s 93 now and still going strong) yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch.

Then a 22-month year old climbing like a champ.

Finally, an 86-year old gymnast:

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  1. Great article, something we all should read (maybe on each ten year birthday when we ‘think’ we are ‘old’ 🙂 Seize the moment, Carpe Diem!

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