My usual week is pretty relaxed, perhaps a tennis ball flying at my nether regions being the event most responsible for any surge in adrenaline. This week upped the ante a little. 1) Driving to Blouberg along Koeberg Road, I see a cat haring across the oncoming traffic. There’s an island between the two directions… Continue reading Adrenaline

South African language Wikipedias 20th birthday review

I was asked to do a presentation at a Wikipedia 20th birthday party hosted by Wikimedia South Africa, which unfortunately I can’t make, but I still took the opportunity to look in a little more detail at the state of the South African language Wikipedias. I include all eleven official languages, with the exception of… Continue reading South African language Wikipedias 20th birthday review

RIP Dawn

Dawn Pilatowicz died last night. Dawn was one of the most inspirational people I’ve met. Warm, generous, kind-hearted, wise. I first met Dawn through our involvement in the Talent Exchange, a Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) that started here in Cape Town. She lived with polymyositis, a muscle-wasting disease. Her power was in a remarkable… Continue reading RIP Dawn

Weeeee’re back!

You may not have noticed, but my server crashed a while back (I did get one unprompted comment, so I’m not completely writing into a vacuum). Since it no longer runs anything business-related, and I had been looking for a cheaper server, I wasn’t in any rush to restore it. I had already got an… Continue reading Weeeee’re back!

South Africa in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index

It’s been a while since I looked at the World Press Freedom Index. South Africa was ranked 21st in the world when I first started looking back in 2003, and had slumped to 52nd back in 2013. Looking at the rankings since, there has been a notable improvement from 2013 until 2017. While the Nordic… Continue reading South Africa in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index

Election arithmetic

It’s almost election time, and with 48 parties standing nationally (and a further 32 standing only at provincial level), there are lot of hopeful party leaders out there. It’s safe to say the majority of them are going to be very disappointed when the results are announced. Let’s look at some election arithmetic: First, nationally:… Continue reading Election arithmetic