Obstreperous Olive

I’ve just come back from Obstreperous Olive, the latest incarnation of the famous Geek Dinner.

It was lots of fun again, with talks ranging from Fritjof Capra’s systems thinking, Umberto Eco’s Mouse or Rat essay on translation, Clean Code and whether to dump someone with clinical depression.

That was just at my table.

The actual public talks were Joe Botha on the Open Spectrum Alliance, Matthew Buckland on 20FourLabs, Media 24’s reaction to their space shuttle codebase, John-Luke Hutchinson on Real relationships amongst the Noise, and Could Twitter be a ‘Decision Network’, and myself in a talk entitled Placebos, Nocebos, Quackery and Big Pharma.

I didn’t actually mention the H word in my talk, but as I knew it would, it came up in a question, and in a rant discussion afterwards. Not a fan then are you Jonathan?

The Slideshow Karaoke was performed by Elodie Kleynhans, some batteries, and a few J├Ągermeisters. She said it would have been more fun if she’d got a topic where she could read most of the words. I’m not sure…

Some good talks, and lots of fun. The next one will be in September.

Thanks to all the volunteer organisers and Delheim for helping make my talk funnier than it was supposed to be.

You can read more posts on the Geek Dinners at Planet Geek Dinner.

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